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John Cena plays another sweet brute in the Ferdinand trailer

If anybody knows what it feels like to be a powerful giant gently maneuvering their way through a fragile world full of highly breakable people, it would be John Cena. So the actor/wrestler/human mountain comes off as a pretty perfect fit in the new trailer for Ferdinand, the latest 3D animated feature from Ice Age and Rio creators Blue Sky Studios.


Based on Munro Leaf’s 1936 children’s book Ferdinand The Bull—which previously got an Oscar-winning animated adaptation in 1938, courtesy of Disney—the film sees Cena as Ferdinand, a massive bull who just wants to lie back and smell the flowers. Of course, because this is a modern kids’ cartoon, it’s not long before he’s accosted by a number of colorful sidekicks—most notably, a goat played by Kate McKinnon—who try to rope him into various schemes and assault him with kid-friendly euphemisms for “shit.”

Ferdinand reluctantly charges into theaters on December 15.

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