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John Cho investigates a glitzy Hollywood murder in this trailer for Gemini

The old “Checkhov’s gun” rule—which basically says that a weapon introduced in the first act of a story must be fired by the third, or else it shouldn’t be there at all—doesn’t usually apply to movie trailers and their truncated storylines, but half of this trailer for Aaron Katz’s Gemini is basically all about waiting for the gun to go off. Set in the glitzy, neon streets of Hollywood, the trailer opens with Zoë Kravitz’s starlet worried enough about something that she decides to carry a revolver around, and the rest of the trailer is about John Cho investigating her apparent murder and questioning the suspicious behavior of her assistant (played by Lola Kirke). The trailer doesn’t come right out and say that Kirke murdered Kravitz, because that would probably spoil the movie, but it really seems to be leading the viewer in that direction.

Gemini will be in theaters in the spring.


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