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John Hawkes tracks down a missing girl in the noirish Too Late trailer

Too Late, the debut feature from director Dennis Hauk, is making its way to theaters this March. The film has garnered rave reviews on the festival circuit, including 2015’s Fantastic Fest. Starring friends of Timothy Olyphant (John Hawkes of Deadwood and Natalie Zea of Justified), Too Late is a stylish neo-noir featuring Hawkes as a private eye tracking down a missing woman.

The film is notable for being shot on 35mm and constructed entirely of twenty-minute long takes (with a few barely there cuts). With its Tarantino-esque, non-linear structure, Too Late can feel at times like the projectionist loaded the reels in the wrong order, but it certainly helps the story unfold in an interesting and different way. In addition to being influenced by the crime films of Tarantino, Too Late also has one foot in ’90s direct-to-video trash (and even features exploitation film favorites Jeff Fahey and Robert Forster) with its gritty tone and lurid subject matter.


Too Late will have a very limited theatrical run as it is being released exclusively on 35mm in theaters across North America.

[via Screen Relish]

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