John Krasinski’s pulling double duty in The Hollars, a family dramedy in which he’s lucky enough to be related to Richard Jenkins and beloved character actress Margo Martindale. And while he may be Sharlto Copley’s younger brother in the movie, he’s definitely a lot taller than him and Charlie Day, who seemingly plays his rival. Anna Kendrick and Mary Elizabeth Winstead star as new and former flames, and also make up a mini-Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World reunion.

Krasinski stars as John Hollar, a prodigal son-type who must leave his very pregnant girlfriend (Kendrick) in order to be with his mother (Martindale), who’s been hospitalized for heart-related problems. During his visit, John learns just how poorly his father (Jenkins) has been looking after his mother, and that his brother’s marriage is over. He also meets up with his ex-girlfriend Gwen (Winstead), who has herself just had a child with Jason (Day), who also happens to be his mother’s nurse. John and Jason fail to hit it off, in part because John’s no better at taking care of his mother than his father is. But the bigger problem is that Gwen and John are having doubts about their current lovers.


Krasinski made his directorial debut with Brief Interviews With Hideous Men; here, he’s working off a script from James C. Strouse (People Places Things). The Hollars hits theaters August 26.