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Jonah Hill and James Franco get very serious in this trailer for True Story

In 2002, journalist Mike Finkel was fired from The New York Times for making up portions of an article he had written. Around the same time, a man who had been hiding from the police under the name Mike Finkel was arrested for killing his family. From there, things took a very Serial-esque turn, with the fake Finkel—whose real name is Christian Longo—contacting the real Finkel so he can tell him about his life. Of course, he does happen to be a convicted murderer, so things eventually take a dark turn.


That’s a true story, and it happens to be the basis for True Story, a new film from Rupert Goold that stars Jonah Hill as the real guy and James Franco as the fake guy. This trailer for True Story has a decidedly serious tone, with both Hill and Franco putting on the “I’m a real Actor” faces they cultivated in movies like 127 Hours and Moneyball. Assuming that nothing, you know, happens, True Story will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival early next year.

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