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Jurassic World continues to evolve in new global trailer

Ah, the hubris of man. Jurassic World, which from its early trailers appeared to be a fun way for the kids to experience firsthand the Spielbergian sense of awe that roamed across movie screens in the prehistoric early-to-mid-’90s era, appears to have escaped its pen and evolved into a full-on action movie. The new “global trailer”—“My God, it’s gone worldwide,” a guy in a lab coat whispers—combines footage from earlier trailers of Chris Pratt playing tag with raptors, Bryce Dallas Howard playing God, and escaped dinosaurs wreaking havoc on innocent parkgoers with some new action footage, mostly revolving around what a terrible idea it was to genetically engineer a dinosaur by combining the DNA of a T. Rex and Hannibal Lecter. (We assume, anyway. She’s very crafty.)


We also get a better look at those CGI dinosaurs Universal paid so much money for, particularly the shark-eating Shamu from the earlier trailers, and a scene showing how funny and charming Chris Pratt’s character is by having him make a sex joke. (Bryce Dallas Howard isn’t having it, of course.) And of course there are children in peril, the dark side of the Spielbergian narrative frequently glossed over by movie executives willing to overlook the dangers of rebooting a movie franchise in pursuit of profit. Jurassic World opens in theaters on June 12, 2015.

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