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Jurassic World trailer: The park is open (finally)

One of the biggest laments of the original Jurassic Park trilogy is that—for all the thrills of its dinosaurs running amok—we were denied the fully functioning “park” promised in the title. But according to this trailer, now fans of dinosaurs and theme park management can both enjoy Jurassic World, in which John Hammond’s dream is finally realized in all its glory of zipping monorails, dinosaur stunt shows, and thoroughfares crowded with delicious-looking tourists. That is, until the makers of the dinosaur version of Blackfish ruin everything.


Or until Bryce Dallas Howard’s scientist—seen here crowing about how much they’ve learned since the last time science almost killed everyone—decides that bringing enormous predators back from the dead is so 1993, so instead she hand-designs her own. As with most “artisanal” creations, it’s wholly unnecessary, and it certainly has no business being within the safely mass-produced confines of amusement park—something her Etsy Dino proves by trying to eat everyone. And now it’s up to Chris Pratt and his action vest to save the day and Jurassic World’s refund policies. Jurassic World opens June 12, 2015.

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