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Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel try, fail to find chemistry in the Jenny’s Wedding trailer

After her brief foray into foreign affairs, Katherine Heigl is back in the rom-com game, his time marrying a woman. Alexis Bledel, to be exact. Bledel plays Kitty, the eponymous Jenny’s (Heigl) partner who Jenny’s family believes is just her “roommate.” But when Jenny decides to she wants to marry Kitty, she has to come out to her somewhat conservative parents (played by Tom Wilkinson and Linda Emond).


Maybe it’s because the trailer features people just talking and arguing and not really any romantic or intimate moments between its leading ladies, but the Jenny’s Wedding trailer plays out more like a self-congratulating lecture than a romantic comedy. Bledel and Heigl just don’t have much chemistry in the few scenes that place Jenny and Kitty in the same frame, and the story seems to be less about them and more about Jenny convincing her parents to warm up to the idea of a wedding between two women.

Jenny’s Wedding hits theaters on July 31, and VOD the day after.

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