By now I'm sure everyone has seen some of the viral marketing for Judd Apatow's upcoming Funny People—there's Jason Schwartzman's parody inspirational teacher sitcom Yo Teach!, Aziz Ansari's dead-on Dane Cook-esque stand-up Raaaaaaaaaaandy!, etc.  Most of it has been pretty sharp, but it all pales in comparision to the following clip from The Ugly Truth, what's supposedly a new romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl. She totally nails the frigid, Type-A shrew who just needs a total jerk to break down her icy exterior role. And the high-concept, impossible, vaguely disturbing chain of events that results in a fat 10-year-old kid giving Heigl an accidental orgasm at a work dinner?  Hilarious! That's exactly the kind of depressingly lazy, loud, sweaty schtick that passes for funny in these kinds of movies. If it ended with the controller short-circuiting after the kid throws it into someone's soup, and then smoke pouring out from under Hiegl's dress, then it really would have been perfect. Still, this is the best romantic comedy parody I've seen in a while.  It has to be a parody, right?

I'm glad that Katherine Heigl doesn't have to play the comically exaggerated, "humorless killjoy" character she had such a problem with in Knocked Up, and has now graduated to playing a comically exaggerated, humorless killjoy who is also sexually repressed. Thankfully, Gerard Butler is there to send her character some vibrating panties that are so effective at fixing her frigidity a child could literally do it.