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Keanu Reeves puts on his serious actor face in this trailer for The Whole Truth

Keanu Reeves doesn’t always get to enjoy the same level of respect as his actorly peers, possibly because most people still think of him as the goofy idiot from the Bill & Ted movies. The Matrix helped a little, but that just led to more cool action projects like John Wick instead of really convincing people that Reeves is more than that goofy idiot. This trailer for director Courtney Hunt’s The Whole Truth, on the other hand, is so intensely serious that it may have actually come from an alternate universe where the Bill & Ted movies never happened and Reeves is regarded as one of those Daniel Day Lewis-style “actors’ actors.”


The Whole Truth revolves around a seemingly open-and-shut murder case in which a young guy is accused of murdering Jim Belushi (who plays his dad). Reeves is the kid’s lawyer, and as the trial goes on, it becomes increasingly clear that there’s more to the case than anyone realized. Reeves doesn’t get rattled, though, because in this reality he’s a deadly serious guy who would never say “whoa” or play air guitar.

Renée Zellweger, Gabirel Basso,and Gugu Mbatha-Raw also star in The Whole Truth, and the film will be available in theaters and via on-demand services on October 21.

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