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Kevin Costner plays against type in the Criminal trailer

After making his name playing straight-arrow good guy—from Elliott Ness to Robin Hood to a certain pee-drinking man-fish—Kevin Costner has taken to playing against type in recent years, as he does here in Criminal, where he plays a remorseless, unfeeling killer. There’s a twist, however, as Gary Oldman’s CIA boss implants the memories of a dead CIA agent in Costner, in the hopes he can recall some vital information. In the process, will the emotionless sociopath learn how to love? We won’t give it away, because the trailer does a fine job of that on its own.

If this all sounds like The Bourne Derivative, take heart: There are certainly worse movies to imitate, and this one’s got a terrific cast, with Tommy Lee Jones in Fugitive mode, Ryan Reynolds as the dead agent, Gal Gadot as his grieving wife, plus Alice Eve, Scott Adkins, and Michael Pitt.


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