Remember Here Comes The Boom, the movie that inexplicably starred Kevin James as an aspiring MMA fighter? As poorly as that went, his career as a hitman in True Memoirs Of An International Assassin seems like it’s going to go even worse—although, to True Memoirs’ credit, Kevin James getting involved in something that is significantly beyond is abilities is sort of the point this time. As seen in this trailer, the movie stars James as a writer whose spy thriller gets released as non-fiction to help boost sales, leading people to believe that he’s actually a retired assassin. As anyone who has seen Tropic Thunder (or any other movie ever) can probably guess, that eventually leads to him getting kidnapped and swept up in an actual international assassin plot, complete with foreign bad guys, a mysterious spy woman, and Rob Riggle as an amped-up CIA bro.

That’s all beside the point, though, because this trailer also features James getting blown up by an RPG. It’s a fantasy sequence, but at least True Memoirs isn’t really expecting people to buy that James is the next Jason Bourne.


True Memoirs Of An International Assassin will premiere on Netflix on November 11.