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Keanu, the first film from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele after the end of their much-loved Comedy Central sketch show Key & Peele is a tale of deception, danger, lawlessness, valor—and a kitten in a do-rag. When Peele’s character gets dumped by his girlfriend, he finds solace in the soft fur of an adorable homeless baby feline, which he names Keanu. Their domestic bliss is not meant to last, though: After coming home to find his apartment burglarized and his beloved cat missing, an angry Peele and his best (human) friend Key go undercover as drug dealers in an effort to steal Keanu back from his gangster kidnappers and bring him home to safety.


The action comedy—written by its two stars and apparently inspired by the 2014 action thriller John Wick, starring a different Keanu—seems full of the sort of irreverent social commentary and joyful silliness that we’ve come to expect from this team. In less capable hands, a goofy premise like this might inspire uneasiness, but these guys seem to have a solid thumb on the tone here. We’ll find out for sure when Keanu hits theaters on April 29.

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