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Kiernan Shipka teleports away from home in trailer for One & Two

In the new trailer for One & Two, Andrew Droz Palermo’s supernatural family drama, Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka appears as Eva, just a girl with a bad dad, which should be familiar to Shipka at this point. However, Grant Bowler’s (Defiance) Daniel is even more controlling than Don, forbidding his children from leaving the farm where they live. The film also stars Timothée Chalamet—who played annoying teen Finn on Homeland—as Eva’s brother Zac. Their father keeps them locked up, despite the protests of their mother, Shipka’s fellow Mad Men alum Elizabeth Reaser.

But the angsty teens find a way to leave the farm—through teleportation. It turns out their father has been because he’s scared of their “potential,” i.e. casual supernatural abilities. The siblings use their newfound powers to break free and seek vengeance, which is really just a souped-up teenage rebellion if you think about it. The word “witches” is never explicitly thrown around in the trailer, but we choose to believe Shipka is playing a witch because Shipka playing a witch just feels right.

One & Two will open in theaters, digital release, and VOD on August 14th.

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