Though the fate of The Young Pope remains uncertain, we can distract ourselves with a now regally outfitted Jude Law in this new King Arthur trailer. The film, whose promos have really gone all-out on that bootstrapping thing, stars Charlie Hunnam as the titular king in the making, with Law playing Vortigen, a king in the ousting. That’s because it’s Arthur who was born a king, not (necessarily) Vortigen, who was probably just keeping the castle warm until Arthur returned from obscurity. Wait, scratch that—he totally murdered Arthur’s parents, including his hunky dad Uther Pendragon (Eric Bana). It seems Law just can’t stay too far away from nefarious schemes. But he’ll get his comeuppance in King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, or possibly one of the other movies in Guy Ritchie’s planned series.

King Arthur ascends to the throne on May 12.