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Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader play siblings in The Skeleton Twins trailer

While they’re known for broad sketches and wacky impressions, former Saturday Night Live costars Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader try a more subdued kind of comedy in the trailer for The Skeleton Twins. After a 10-year separation, twins Maggie (Wiig) and Milo (Hader) reunite over simultaneous mid-life crises. Maggie’s struggling with her marriage to her husband (played by Luke Wilson), while Milo’s fallen into a depression over his failed acting career. The A.V. Club’s A.A. Dowd saw The Skeleton Twins at its Sundance screening and thought Hader and Wiig’s performances saved the film from slipping too far into the land of indie clichés. And that chemistry is apparent even in this trailer, as the pair engages in effortless banter and show off their lip-synching skills. The supporting cast also features Ty Burrell as Milo’s ex-boyfriend and Joanna Gleason as the twins’ mother. The movie hits theaters September 19. 


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