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The bright color palette of The Lego Batman Movie appears, let’s just say, different from the morose one Zack Snyder employed for Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. But for one non-shining moment in the animated film’s new trailer, things get gloomy. When The Joker (voiced by Zach Galifianakis) taunts Batman, the Caped Crusader responds, “Superman is my greatest enemy.” We then see a brief recreation of the infamous BVS showdown, only with Legos instead of grumpy Ben Affleck and sentient Ken doll Henry Cavill. The Joker responds that “Superman’s not a bad guy,” forcing Batman to admit: “Then I’d say that I don’t currently have a bad guy, I am fighting a few different people. I like to fight around.” This basically breaks The Joker’s heart. You can read this whole interaction as a call out to DCEU movie—also made by Warner Bros.—or you can read it as a sly dig at the inherent silliness of the BVS concept.


The new look at the movie also introduces its version of Barbara Gordon (Rosario Dawson), who has assumed the role of police commissioner and wants to work alongside our hero. The Lego Batman Movie opens February 20, 2017.

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