Netflix has retched up a trailer for another of its planned Adam Sandler collaborations, slotting the David Spade-starring The Do-Over in alongside instant Western classic The Ridiculous 6. The new film sees Spade play a milquetoast bank manager whose life is invigorated, and then destroyed, by his reacquaintance with an old school chum (Sandler), who proceeds to violently fake both their deaths.

On the one hand, the casting here looks like it might actually kind of work, in so far as David Spade is pretty convincing as a man whose decisions have led him to a life of mediocre obscurity. Meanwhile, Sandler’s wildman asshole is at least more interesting than the sleepwalkers and shoe wizards he normally plays these days. On the other hand, though, there’s a scene in the trailer where we’re forced to watch Spade feign erotic discomfort while a woman fellates him with an enthusiasm that couldn’t possibly have come naturally, and that’s the worst sentence we’ve ever had to either write or read. So that’s not as good of a sign, in terms of how good The Do-Over will probably be.