Jim Carrey, a funny man who has yet to appear in a genuinely good movie, stars in this latest entry in the peculiarly popular genre of comedies—such as Hook and Jingle All The Way—in which overworked professional men go from being not very good fathers during the opening credits to being very-good-fathers-indeed by the time the final credits roll. Carrey plays the dishonest divorced lawyer dad of a murderously adorable boy with too much hair; through supernatural intervention, Carrey finds himself unable to tell a lie for 24 hours. It's an obvious premise to which Carrey is well-suited, but he's not given much to work with here, and it shows. Although he makes the material work in some amusing scenes, Carrey spends much of the movie wildly mugging like a man whose life depends on keeping the laughs coming. The good moments, when they do come, are funny, but most of Liar Liar plays like a remake of a '60s Disney family comedy, with some '80s-style tit jokes thrown in for kicks. Those who feel they need a lesson about the importance of telling the truth and spending time with their family may want to see Liar Liar. But for those who like Carrey and are waiting for a film they can honestly say they enjoyed through and through, this ain't it.