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Spoiler Space is a dedicated discussion area for people who have already seen a movie and want to talk about plot details we'd rather not reveal in our review. While we don’t promise spoilers for every film, here’s where you can discuss them to your hearts’ content. 

The 13th Amendment passes. Lincoln is killed.


OK, neither of those are really spoilers, but in terms of topics worth talking about after seeing the film there’s the late-film revelation that Thaddeus Stevens (Tommy Lee Jones) is in a marriage-in-all-but-name relationship with his African-American housekeeper Lydia Hamilton Smith (S. Epatha Merkerson). I’m not Civil War historian enough to know if that’s conjecture or confirmed fact (but I do know that Jones looks pretty weird with a shaved head). Beyond that, I’d like to know if anyone else had the same reaction I did: That this was a good movie but that there’s a better movie to be made with this talent (and that it might have existed somewhere in the 500-page first draft Tony Kushner is said to have written).

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