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London, well, falls in the London Has Fallen teaser

London Has Fallen, the probably unnecessary sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, is a film about destruction that has faced its fair share of disasters, like losing its director before a replacement eventually rose. A film so big it apparently needed four writers (Creighton Rothenberger, Katrin Benedikt, Christian Gudegast, and Chad St. John), London Has Fallen has released its first teaser trailer, which just shows a bunch of world leaders played by famous actors looking frightened as iconic Londontown attractions come crashing down—all set, of course, to a creepy, hollow rendition of “London Bridge Is Falling Down.”

London Has Fallen centers on the aftermath of the British Prime Minister’s mysterious death. When the world’s leaders gather for the funeral, a series of attacks target the event initially touted as “the most protected event on Earth.” “Yeah, sure,” the bad guys say as they roll out their evil master plans.


The cast—some of whom are seen in the minute-long teaser—is undeniably stacked. Gerard Butler stars as Secret Service agent Mike Banning, Aaron Eckhart as U.S. President Benjamin Asher, Morgan Freeman as his vice president, Angela Bassett as the director of the Secret Service, Melissa Leo as the secretary of defense, Jackie Earle Haley as Deputy Chief Mason, and Charlotte Riley as an MI6 agent who has to work with Asher and Banning to save the day.

There is no exact date for when London is expected to fall, but it’s expected to hit theaters in early 2016.

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