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Louder Than Bombs trailer features Jesse Eisenberg and sadness, but in a good way

A film about the depression and ennui that creeps into a family during the years after a matriarch’s suicide may be a tough sell for a fun night out at the movies, but this looks like one of those films you’ll be glad you made the effort to catch. Louder Than Bombs follows a father (Gabriel Byrne) and his eldest son (Jesse Eisenberg) as they grapple with whether or not to talk to their younger son/brother (Devin Druid, who played the young pothead version of Louie CK on Louie) about the details of his mother’s suicide.


There’s a lot of “state of the American family”-looking detail on this, but if the gorgeous establishing shots in this trailer don’t convince you to give it a shot, maybe the endorsement of A.V. Club’s own Ignatiy Vishnavetsky, who caught it at Cannes and called it, “a film of superb performances, mysteries, and moments of earthy poeticism,” will help convince you. Isabelle Huppert is rarely anything but magnetic, and this English-language debut by Joachim Trier (Oslo, August 31) looks to utilize her effectively, with an exploration of the after-effects of tragedy that emphasizes how others’ action will always remain a mystery.

Louder Than Bombs opens in select theaters on April 8.

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