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Love is a disease—and a crime—in the extended Equals trailer

The first teaser for Drake Doremus’ Equals introduced a love story starring Kristen Stewart that‘s nowhere near as overwrought as her most famous onscreen romance, probably because it’s set in a future where emotions have been outlawed. The dystopian romantic sci-fi drama pairs Stewart with X-Men: Apocalypses Nicholas Hoult as star-crossed lovers Nia and Silas, respectively. It’s doubtful that they’re even familiar with that term, though, as they live in a world where physical contact has been banned, along with most colors and fabrics. They’ve probably never learned about most Shakespearean couples, or if they have, those stories have served only as cautionary tales. But they fall for each other anyway even as they fall victim to a new disease that’s making the rounds, which will almost certainly turn out to be love. Ultimately, Nia and Silas will risk everything, even upsetting Jackie Weaver and Guy Pearce, to be together. Hey, it worked out for Christian Bale in 2002’s Equilibrium, so we’re pulling for these kids.

Equals will be released on demand by DirecTV Cinema on May 26, then on a limited basis by A24 on July 15.

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