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Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad ($13.99 on Kindle, $21.56 in hardcover)

Stay up to date with society with Oprah Winfrey’s latest Book Club pick.

Cozmo ($159.99)


Embrace your futuristic robot overlords by making friends with Cozmo, a robot with a real-life personality that evolves as you hang out.

Mars Chocolate Favorites variety mix 60-piece bag ($8.79)


Sure, this thing’s probably meant for an office, but what if you just kept it for yourself instead?

Epiphone MB-200 banjo ($249.29)


Haven’t you always wanted to learn to play the banjo?

LampChamp USB lamp socket charger and adapter ($19.99)


Turn any lamp in your house into a phone charger.

Pack of 20 barn owl pellets ($28.95)


Entertain your kids and yourself by picking apart old owl poop and looking for animal bones.

Natural Enemy great horned owl scarecrow ($16.79)


Speaking of owls, here’s this thing, which is supposed to keep deer and birds out of your garden.