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Matthew McConaughey loses his hair, finds Gold in a new trailer

Academy Award winner, Lincoln lawyer, and Lincoln spokesman Matthew McConaughey is back and ready to find Gold. The trailer features McConaughey as Kenny Wells, a hapless entrepreneur who improbably strikes it rich; McConaughey, who famously lost weight for The Dallas Buyers Club, reportedly packed on 40 extra pounds to play Wells.

For those underwhelmed by his somber performance in the recent Sea Of Trees, Gold certainly appears to boast a more traditional type-A McConaughey swagger. In addition to his expanded waistline, McConaughey is sporting a skullet, overbite, and a desperate flakiness. It’s that last attribute that seemingly deposits him at a dead end deep in the jungles of Borneo. But that’s where Kenny Wells’ luck finally changes, as he and geologist Michael Acosta (Édgar Ramírez) discover the movie’s titular mineral.

The two partners hop on the fast track, as evidenced by Wells’ wife, (Bryce Dallas Howard), swanky hotel rooms, and even apparently ringing in the New York Stock Exchange. But amidst the revelry, an escalating tempo suggests that Wells could very well be teetering on the brink of losing it all (or having it taken away by go-to corporate villain Corey Stoll). Directed by Stephen Gaghan (Syriana), the trailer promises a scene with Matthew McConaughey petting a tiger, which might be reason enough to go see Gold when it opens Christmas Day.

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