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Meet the gunslinger and the Man In Black in the first clips from The Dark Tower

Against all odds, it’s really finally happening: 35 years after Stephen King published The Gunslinger, we have our first glimpse at Nikolaj Arcel’s Dark Tower movie. Earlier today, stars Idris Elba (who plays heroic gunslinger Roland) and Matthew McConaughey (who plays the villainous Man In Black) started tweeting little barbs at each other in character, and McConaughey eventually dropped a brief teaser that shows the Man In Black walking among some corpses and making an ominous prediction (which you can see up above).

Then Elba fired back—and that pun is very much intended—with a short clip of his own, showing Roland reloading his revolvers in the air and quoting the gunslinger’s creed from King’s books:


Both trailers end with the reveal that a full Dark Tower trailer will be released tomorrow, so all of those decades of waiting are finally paying off. Also, for people who haven’t quite hopped on The Dark Tower’s insane, riddle-obsessed hype train just yet, Birth. Movies. Death. has posted a pair of posters featuring Roland (who looks like he’s about to dance) and the Man In Black (who looks like he just finished lighting the original ending of the books on fire):

(Images: Sony Pictures Entertainment)

The Dark Tower will be in theaters on August 4, assuming Sony doesn’t delay it again.

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