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Meet your new favorite space a-holes in the Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer

Giving the story of a space raccoon, his talking tree friend, and their club of universe-joyriding misfits exactly the gravitas it deserves, here’s the first full trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy, Marvel’s foray into its wild, fuck-it Phase Two. The preview offers a fully self-aware take on its characters’ place in the comic pantheon, as John C. Reilly and Peter Serafoniwicz’s Nova officers sneer at the team’s rap sheets and lofty ambitions, then deem them all “a bunch of a-holes.” Meanwhile, Chris Pratt’s self-appointed “Star Lord” is a loveably Chris Pratt-ian lout who blasts ’70s pop from his old-school Walkman, Benicio Del Toro’s The Collector swans about like an intergalactic Karl Lagerfeld—and did we mention the space raccoon, nearly every week for the past year? Yeah, this looks like fun.


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