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Melissa McCarthy is still wacky, still holding guns in the trailer for Spy

Melissa McCarthy has yet to get the starring vehicle she deserves. Yes, she’s toplined a few movies since breaking through with Bridesmaids, but all of them seem to have stopped in the “Let’s give her a gun and have her say swear words, that would be funny” stage of comedic development (see: The Heat, Tammy, Identity Thief). The trailer for McCarthy’s newest collaboration with Paul Feig, Spy, doesn’t look like it’s going to upset the status quo, either, as much of the humor revolves around the incongruity between McCarthy’s actions and her appearance. (Jason Statham calls her a lunch lady, probably because he hasn’t learned to appreciate her personality yet.) McCarthy stars as a deskbound CIA employee who is sent into the field when her boss (Allison Janney) needs an agent who’s “invisible.” Much holding of guns and other comedic action follows. Spy hits theaters on May 22, 2015.

[via Splitsider]


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