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Melissa McCarthy tries to rebuild an empire in The Boss trailer

The titles of Melissa McCarthy’s recent movies have tended to name her character or her character’s occupation: She’s been Tammy and an Identity Thief, as well as a Spy (but she wasn’t St. Vincent, we know). Her latest film started off as Michelle Darnell, but became The Boss, possibly because the writers are big Bruce Springsteen fans. And anyway, Michelle Darnell didn’t quite encapsulate how unpleasant McCarthy intended to be in the new film, which, judging by the trailer, is “very.”


McCarthy stars as Michelle Darnell who, being the richest woman in the world, covers up her neck like the girl with the green ribbon. But what kind of boss is she? She’s an insensitive clod, who’s unaware that her long-suffering personal assistant, Claire (Kristen Bell), is a single mother who needs a bigger salary. Michelle loses her motivation-speaking empire after she’s convicted of insider trading, and ends up living with Claire and her daughter. After spending time with the latter, Michelle gets her second wind: She’ll claw her way back to the top by launching a Brownie empire and beating up young girls (who are part of a rival cookie-selling outfit, and are therefore in her way).

Directed by Ben Falcone, The Boss also stars Peter Dinklage, Kristen Schaal, and beloved character actress, Margo Martindale. The movie hits theaters April 8, 2016.

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