Sure, Saturday Night Live has been a hospitable breeding ground for future comedic superstars, but for every Eddie Murphy or Mike Myers, there have been a half-dozen Gary Kroegers and Denny Dillons, anonymous journeymen destined to serve as pop-culture footnotes. Unfortunately, the show's current cast is overrun with these marginal comedy lifers, including oversized funnyman Will Ferrell, who teams up with undersized Murphy Brown cut-up Grant Shaud for Men Seeking Women, a film about three sad-sack bachelors who make a high-stakes wager over who can become involved in a long-term relationship first. Ingeniously tapping into the well-documented male desire to speedily form life-long monogamous relationships, Men Seeking Women, if nothing else, proves that films about pathetic male lonely hearts can be just as inept and boring as films about pathetic female lonely hearts. Of course, it doesn't help that Men Seeking Women's three leads aren't the least bit sympathetic, or even particularly interesting. But the film doesn't really hit its nadir until the arrival of an inexplicable subplot concerning the nebbishy Shaud's Eric Shaeffer-esque sexual relationship with a beautiful married woman, a subplot that leads to a horrifying scene in which the woman licks chocolate sauce and ice cream off Shaud's nipples. It's a scene so horrifying that it will likely lead viewers to foreswear not only kinky sex, but also the consumption of ice-cream confections of any type. True, Men Seeking Women doesn't contain any more Shaud near-nudity, but that's scarcely a reason to see a film, particularly one this uninspired.