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Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel confront their twilight years in Youth

“You say emotions are overrated,” a white-haired Harvey Keitel says sadly. “Emotions are all we’ve got.” That’s the moment when this trailer for Youth, the new film from Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino (The Great Beauty), lets you know you’re probably in for a real gut punch of a film. Youth follows an elderly composer (Michael Caine) who spends his time acting out the conducting of his works in what looks like an expensive vacation spot in the Swiss Alps while his daughter (Rachel Weisz) fumes about the way he lived his life. The trailer features some incredible vistas, smartly composed shots, and a hell of a lot of implication that we’re in for a thoughtful and aching meditation on the meaning of life, despite the fact that it’s been called Sorrentino’s “most broadly appealing comedy-drama.” If so, this trailer is really doubling down on the latter half of that equation, opening gags about failing bodies aside. It’s opening December 4, at which point we can see if Youth lives up to its promise, or if it, too, is overrated.


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