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Michael Fassbender still plays Steve Jobs in new Steve Jobs trailer

A new trailer has been released for that Steve Jobs movie. No, not that one—that one already came out. So did that Ashton Kutcher one. We’re talking about the Danny Boyle Steve Jobs movie, which used to be the David Fincher Steve Jobs movie, which stars Michael Fassbender, but used to star Christian Bale, then Leonardo DiCaprio, then pretty much every white guy in Hollywood. But everything finally sorted itself out, and the movie released its first trailer to prove that it is indeed a real movie with a real cast and a real director. Some people remained unconvinced that Steve Jobs, with all its problems and production curveballs, would ever release in this century. So, we have another trailer to here to say “this movie is really coming out—we swear!” And, we’re relieved to report that Fassbender has not been replaced via CGI by yet another Steve Jobs hopeful.

This new trailer is a little more serious in tone compared to the first, opening with a dramatic monologue delivered by Fassbender in full Jobs mode. This trailer teases out some of the emotional beats of the story instead of just people shouting about computers—although there’s plenty of that, too.


The movie is set to release next month. Approximately 75 other Steve Jobs biopics will probably come out in the interim.

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