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Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey have an impression-off in the Elvis & Nixon trailer

Having tapped actors Kevin Spacey and Michael Shannon to throw themselves into the roles of two of the most heavily imitated men of all time—Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley, respectively—Amazon Studios is ready to show off some footage from its new film Elvis & Nixon, based on a famously photographed meet-up between the two giants of ’60s and ’70s white dude culture.

The movie purports to tell the true story behind the meeting—which, as chronicled by Smithsonian.com, was largely motivated by Presley’s desire for a badge from the Bureau Of Narcotics And Dangerous Drugs, the predecessor of the DEA. (“With the federal narcotics badge,” his wife Priscilla wrote in her memoir, “He [believed he] could legally enter any country both wearing guns and carrying any drugs he wished.”) But Amazon’s film seems far more interested in just letting Shannon and Spacey take turns gnawing on the scenery with their dueling impressions. Which is totally fine in our book—we can only imagine the stories they swapped, hopefully in character, about their efforts to kill that damn Kryptonian Boy Scout Superman—especially when they’ve got Colin Hanks hanging out on the edges to lob in a bit of his signature deadpan commentary.

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