No, this isn’t that Taxi Driver sequel Robert De Niro has been promising/threatening for a while now. The angriest man in Brooklyn is apparently Robin Williams, who somehow manages not to adopt an exaggerated New Yawk accent in the trailer for his new comedy. Williams plays a hateful, short-tempered urbanite diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. When he demands a timeframe from his doctor (Mila Kunis), she impulsively lies and tells him he has 90 minutes to live. This inspires a kind of anti-Falling Down scenario in which the hero spends his supposed final hour trying to keep his volcanic rage on a short leash while he makes amends with those he’s hurt—among them, characters played by Peter Dinklage and Melissa Leo. Watching Robin Williams scramble frantically around New York City, barking apologies while presumably learning a life lesson, sounds about as appealing as bursting a blood vessel. That said, the film is directed by Phil Alden Robinson, who once upon a time made Sneakers, and it’s based on a fairly well-received Israeli film. Also: Peter Dinklage!