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Monsters: They're Really Good At Sports

If there's one thing that movies have taught us about monsters it's that monsters are usually scary. If there are two things that movies have taught us about monsters, it's that monsters are usually scary, and, despite their fearsome tempraments, they have a surprising aptitude for organized sports. In fact, monsters' natural ease at playing sports is surpassed only by golden retrievers. Just look at the cinematic evidence: Encino Man, despite being a defrosted caveman, was a great hockey player. Werewolves, especially those of the teen and teen too variety, are excellent at both basketball and boxing. The sparkly vampires in Twilight play baseball so well they have to play it during storms to cover up the many thunderous cracks of their bats. Even the generic monsters in Little Monsters were surprisingly good at baseball, thunderstorm not necessary.

And, thanks to the following trailer for the straight-to-DVD movie Frankenhood, we now know what sport Frankenstein's monster would be unbelievably great at—provided that Frankenstein's monster was brought to life by Charlie Murphy and lived in the hood: Basketball.

(via IWatchStuff)

For the sequel, Frankenhood: Still Up To No Good, the monster should challenge Air Bud to a basketball tournament and settle the question "Who is better at sports: monsters or dogs?" once and for all.


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