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Monty Python reunites to turn Simon Pegg into a god in the Absolutely Anything trailer

Ever hear the one about a ordinary person living a mundane life until he’s granted supernatural powers that turn his life upside down? Of course you have: It’s a classic setup used in everything from superhero yarns like Spider-Man to comedies like Bruce Almighty. That old chestnut about hilarious mishaps arising from poorly considered omnipotence is back in Absolutely Anything, the upcoming comedy starring Simon Pegg as the lucky guy who can make anything happen with the flick of his wrist. And evidenced by the trailer, anything includes getting ripped (goodbye six-minute-abs, hello zero-minute-abs), becoming President, raising the dead, and sprouting a humongous dong.

Absolutely Anything is notable for being the first time Monty Python has reassembled for a movie since Ronald Reagan was president, but the reunion is in voice only as the Python crew plays the CGI aliens behind Pegg’s endowments. The film also has bittersweet distinction of being Robin Williams’ last project. Williams voices Dennis, a hyperactive dog that is granted the power of speech, because if you had a housemate who was privy to your most private, embarrassing moments, why wouldn’t you give that creature the ability to trot all those mortifying anecdotes for house guests, neighbors, and everybody at the dog park?

Pegg will find out if ultimate, unchecked power is all it’s cracked up to be when he waves his hand and makes Absolutely Anything appear in U.K. cinemas on August 14. No U.S. release date has been announced yet.

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