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MUBI celebrates Werner Herzog’s “Ecstatic Fictions” in a month-long tribute

Werner Herzog gets a lot of accolades as a documentary filmmaker these days, but his fiction work is a pretty big deal, too—it’s just that once you make a movie about a real guy getting eaten by a bear, people tend to forget about the other stuff. Arthouse streaming service MUBI still cares about Herzog’s fiction films, though, so it’s holding a month-long tribute called “Werner Herzog: Ecstatic Fictions” that will temporarily add five classic Herzog films—several of which feature his best fiend, Klaus Kinski—to MUBI’s ever-changing collection. The five films are Nosferatu The Vampyre, Woyzeck, Stroszek, Heart Of Glass, and Fitzcarraldo, and you can see glimpses of each one in the trailer MUBI put together up above. To learn more about MUBI’s Herzog collection (or to learn more about MUBI’s curated approach to movie streaming), you can go to this link.


“Werner Herzog: Ecstatic Fictions” will kick off on August 20.

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