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Natalie Portman and Lily-Rose Depp are magic in Planetarium trailer

After a relatively quiet couple of years, Natalie Portman is back with a bevy of projects in 2016. Lily-Rose Depp, on the other hand, is celebrity spawn attempting to make a name for herself independent of her famous (and controversial) folks. Together they star in Planetarium from Belle épine’s Rebecca Zlotowski, the first trailer for which is out now. The two actresses play spiritualist sisters who travel the world apparently communing with the dead. In Paris they are picked up by a filmmaker.


Now, mind you, this is the French trailer for the film—which doesn’t yet have a release date in the U.S.—so if you don’t speak the language you’re a bit out of luck. (The lead siblings are American so they do converse in English.) Still, it’s not hard to catch the general drift. Wondrous images, sisterly bickering, the hint of sex, and anti-Semitism all make cameos. You can also just look at the pretty costumes.

Planetarium will debut at the Venice Film Festival and then the Toronto International Film Festival.

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