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Natalie Portman is a First Lady in mourning in this trailer for Jackie

Set in the immediate aftermath of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, this trailer for Pablo Larraín’s Jackie is somehow even heavier and more intense than that brief description might imply. That’s mostly thanks to what seems like it’ll be a fairly powerful performance from Natalie Portman has Jacqueline Kennedy. There’s a weird artificiality to everything except Portman’s Jackie, especially Caspar Phillipson’s way-too-realistic President Kennedy, and it all gives off the impression that her and her turmoil are the only real things here. The first teaser treated the assassination almost like a twist, but this one digs deep into it and sets the stage for a film that The A.V. Club’s A.A. Dowd referred to as “so arrestingly off-kilter that it puts most of its biopic brethren to shame.”

Jackie will be in select theaters on December 2.


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