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Netflix’s Sandy Wexler takes Adam Sandler back to the ’90s, when he was funny

It’s not much, but it’s here—that statement currently applies to the brief teaser that Netflix has released for Sandy Wexler, the latest in its line of Adam Sandler comedic products. We’ll have to wait to see just how prescient it is, though this advance look doesn’t bolster much confidence. It’s just Sandler in glasses as Wexler, a wannabe Hollywood player. He carries a print copy of Variety, which is how you know he’s in the business, and also in the 1990s. There aren’t too many other touchstones of Sandler’s second favorite decade in this glimpse, other than his frames.


Also notably absent are ’90s holdovers Kevin James, Nick Swardson, and Rob Schneider. Jennifer Hudson co-stars as Sandy’s client and improbable love interest, whom he’ll presumably help land a guest role on Friends or something. Or maybe she’ll audition to play Dionne in Clueless? Whatever makes dealing with Sandy/Sandler worth it.

Sandy Wexler will Macarena its way to Netflix on April 14.

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