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New A Bigger Splash trailer has more jealousy, romance, and Tilda Swinton

The first trailer for A Bigger Splash—the next film from I Am Love director Luca Guadagnino—was mostly about setting a mood. It had increasingly tense music and a lot of quick glimpses of people caught up in a sea of romantic jealousy, but it was a little light on details beyond that. This new trailer expands on the first one, mostly by filling in who these characters are and why they’re so romantically jealous of each other. Tilda Swinton stars as a rock star who is recuperating on an island after throat surgery, Far From The Maddening Crowd’s Matthias Schoenaerts plays her younger boyfriend, Raph Fiennes plays one of Swinton’s exes, and Dakota Johnson plays Fiennes’ daughter. Everybody seems to be either sleeping with one of the others or thinking about sleeping with one of the others, and the trailer ends with Swinton screaming a lot, suggesting that some serious dramatic stuff is going to go down.

A Bigger Splash is a remake of the French film La Piscine, and it’ll be in theaters on May 13.


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