Paramount has already shown off a couple of glimpses of Scarlett Johansson’s The Major (née Motoko Kusanagi) from the upcoming Ghost In The Shell movie, but neither of them gave us a chance to see what The Major does best: giving bad people a high-tech ass-kicking. Finally, the studio has released a new teaser that gives us exactly that, with a quick scene of Johansson beating up some dude while totally invisible. Then, in case that’s not enough Ghost In The Shell for you, we see her de-cloak and reveal her cybernetic full-body prosthesis for the first time. The teaser ends by announcing that a full trailer will be shown at some kind of special event in Japan on November 13, so we’ll actually be seeing more of Ghost In The Shell pretty soon.

Going back to that invisible beating, though, io9 noticed that it’s a very direct nod to the original Ghost In The Shell anime from 1995. You can see a clip of a very familiar-looking invisible beating below, with the relevant parts coming at about five minutes in.

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