The previous trailer for It Comes At Night, the post-apocalyptic horror tale from Trey Edward Shults, was all about setting up the narrative. It explained how Joel Edgerton’s patriarch worked to keep both his family and the few souls he agrees to take in safe, protecting them all from the forested world outside and the unnamed sickness that has ravaged it. This new one, on the other hand, is essentially nothing but mood. Clocking in at barely more than a minute in length, it features brief, eerie looks at the film, spliced together with famous quotes from everyone from Aristotle to Charles Manson about the overlap between paranoia, love, fear, and pain. There’s a few quotes from the film—most notably, another explanation of a red door that seems to play a key role in keeping out whatever’s trying to get in. It’s a simple but extraordinarily effective trailer, selling the film’s creeping sense of dread without revealing a single thing about where it comes from—other than the time of day, of course.

It Comes At Night opens June 9.