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New Jason Bourne TV spot reveals why Bourne is so pissed

[This TV spot for Jason Bourne appears to reveal a significant spoiler. If you want to go in clean, don’t watch it or read our write-up. And get some rest: you look tired. *cue that Moby song*]

In the new TV spot for Jason Bourne, we get an explanation of the newest Treadstone incarnation—called Iron Hand—that presumably continues the work of taking normal soldiers and turning them into soulless killing machines. This exposition, per custom, is delivered by Bourne’s confidant in espionage, Nikki (Julia Stiles), who then appears to be killed in the middle of an action scene, providing Bourne with his real impetus for busting some spy heads this time around. We’ll call this “The Marie Effect,” after Bourne’s lover who died in a similar manner in The Bourne Supremacy. Or perhaps this trailer was designed by millionaire trickster J.J. Abrams and Nikki’s only terribly injured after being shot off the back of Bourne’s motorcycle. Either way, it’s enough to put Bourne on the warpath again.


The TV spot concludes with shots of a brutal fistfight in an office, a mock demolition derby with parked cars in Las Vegas, and finally a sequence where Bourne and another spy played by Vincent Cassel plummet off a rooftop together. You know what they say, “Old habits Jason Bourne.” (By “they,” we mean us when we’re drunk.)

Jason Bourne, directed by Paul Greengrass, hits theaters July 29.

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