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New Jem And The Holograms trailer gains a robot, still lacks soul

While the first trailer for the highly anticipated Jem And The Holograms movie showcased its modern updates, its self-empowerment message, and—for some reason—a One Direction song, it felt like there was one thing missing. While some might argue it was a sense of fun, the marketing department seems to think it was a robot. So they went ahead and showcased the film’s roving white bot in this second trailer.


It quickly becomes clear that this little Eve-like gadget is a stand-in for Synergy, the computer from the ’80s cartoon who had the ability to project holograms that turned Jerrica into her onstage alter ego Jem. This more realistic movie scales back the whimsy so that Synergy now projects home movies instead of outrageous rocker outfits. But it keeps the backstory that Synergy was created by Jerrica’s late father.

The film also released a new featurette about adapting the cartoon into a live-action movie and director Jon M. Chu’s desire to keep the female empowerment message so many people connected to in the original series. Of course, that doesn’t mean employing women behind the scenes, but it does mean ensuring Jem can still say her signature catchphrase, “Showtime, Synergy.”

Jem And The Holograms hits theaters October 23.

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