We just saw the first U.K. teaser for the Pride And Prejudice And Zombies movie earlier this month, but that trailer wasted a lot of time on a gag that we all saw coming anyway (pretending it was a straight Jane Austen adaptation), so it didn’t leave much room for fancy zombie slayin’ and Mr. Darcy romancin’. Now we have the official U.S. trailer, though, and it doesn’t bother trying to fool anybody. From the beginning, it’s comfortingly upfront about what it is: an adaptation of Pride And Prejudice, but also there are zombies. It also gets into more of the plot, which seems to revolve around the role of women in a world slowly falling to the undead—though that role mostly amounts to killing zombies with swords while walking down hallways in a cool way. The romance element is also briefly acknowledged, just so everyone knows that this movie won’t be an entirely soulless adaptation of a book that simply added monsters to one of the most famous literary works in history.

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies will be in theaters on February 5, 2016.