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New Star Trek Beyond trailer has more drama, no Beastie Boys

While the first trailer for Star Trek Beyond wasn’t quite the worst thing mankind ever created, it did manage to move so far past the line between indifference and burning-hot nerd rage that Simon Pegg (who wrote the script) felt the need to weigh in and admit that he also didn’t like the trailer much. He asked Star Trek fans to “hang in there” and “be patient” because the final movie would have a lot more “Star Trek stuff” than that first Beastie Boys-filled teaser did. That means this new trailer for the movie has a lot of work to do in terms of getting people excited about Star Trek Beyond.

It’s hard to say if it’ll pull that off, but it doesn’t have any Beastie Boys songs, so that’s a start. There’s also a little bit of Idris Elba’s new villain, an alien lady sitting in Captain Kirk’s chair, Uhura kissing Spock, and the Enterprise getting smashed by a bunch of…something. That’s what Star Trek fans like, right?

Star Trek Beyond was directed by Justin Lin, and it’ll be in theaters on July 22.


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