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New trailer acknowledges Godzilla is in the Godzilla movie

Where previous trailers have played coy about the role of Godzilla in the upcoming Godzilla movie, suggesting that perhaps the true star of the film would be Bryan Cranston and his gaping reaction shots, the latest trailer for Gareth Edwards’ reboot actually features a glimpse of the giant monster itself. Though still heavy on quick cutaways and shocked, yet determined reactions from the cast, Godzilla makes his presence felt by taking down bridges, storming through cities, and letting out a piercing shriek at the humans who are attempting to subdue him. With Godzilla hitting theaters on May 16, that only leaves a couple weeks for producers to toss out some more shots of the destructive beast, and even less time to throw together a tribute to the 1998 version by having Puff Daddy vanquish Godzilla through the power of samples and self-aggrandizement.


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