Though the first trailer for Gods Of Egypt was clearly one of mankind’s greatest cinematic achievements, it did raise a few eyebrows with its bizarre (though unfortunately unsurprising) decision to have most of the pantheon of Egyptian gods be played by white people. Slightly more bizarre was the fact that Lionsgate and director Alex Proyas actually admitted that it was pretty stupid of them to put so many white people in the cast. But now, with that (sort of) admission of guilt out of the way, we can back to enjoying the majestic spectacle that is Gods Of Egypt. This new trailer doesn’t have a ton of new stuff, but it does spend more time humanizing Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s Horus by showing a bit of his relationship with Brenton Thwaites’ Bek. Also, Geoffrey Rush shows up as Ra, which is a role that makes sense in a “who even cares anymore?” kind of way.

Gods Of Egypt will hit theaters like a giant, fire-breathing sand monster on February 26, 2016.