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New trailer for future X-Men: Days Of Future Past movie now in the past

Behold, the second trailer for the future past days of the X-Men, directed by its past and future director, Bryan Singer.


The A.V. Club can confirm that there are many references to both the past and the future in this trailer—though, ironically, none to The Once And Future King, which we already know is one of Charles Xavier’s favorite books. There are also several characters shedding exactly one tear—perhaps an indication of past crying or future tears? Or, indeed, of both?

This trailer, like the last, is less about story and more about atmosphere; time travel is happening, and everyone you hold dear is lost, and also Peter Dinklage is there, looking grim yet dapper. But exactly how, and also why, and also wherefore, still escape our interest. Maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe this has all happened before. Maybe time, as we have recently heard, is a flat circle, and the days of future past are also the nights of past future. Who knows. But the main takeaway here is that James McAvoy’s hair as the young Xavier is super-long in a grungy ’70s way. Who said that was a good idea?

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